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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Last Week on the Farm

It was another one of those weeks on the farm!

AbbyGoat's pregnancy didn't go quite as planned. She went into labor but no kid. I am clueless as to what happened. She was one miserable goat though, I can tell you that. I thought at one point I was going to lose her. It was not a good couple of days. She didn't want to go to the barn, she wanted to stay in the goathouse so we let her. On the second morning I went out to check her and she had butt down the wood panels I had put up to block the door and she was just standing in the goat pen. She had been shivering so I had covered her with towels. The towels had blood on them but I found no sign of a kid - dead or alive - anywhere.  I had a doctor's appointment (just a check up) a couple of days later and my doctor told me that humans can absorb a dead fetus so he figured there was no reason a goat couldn't do the same.

She is back to her normal self. She is eating quite a bit and her poops are fine. With an animal it's always eating and pooping that tells you what is going on. She's a little skinny but I'm sure as the green grass and all those tasty Montana weeds start to grow she'll put the weight back on. It was her last breeding season so there will be no more Abby babies for the farm.

The hubby has the new chicken house just about finished. He just needs to get the metal roof on it. The material is ordered but hasn't come into the lumber yard yet. It will be all ready for when the new chicks get here.

It has plenty of space inside for the hens to lay their eggs. I can get to them from the outside by lifting the top off of the box. It will be much nicer than the one that is about to fall over.

His second birthday dinner was a big success. I showed you his Blackened Salmon. He also really enjoyed his Soft Shell Crabs. They were a big surprise and a real treat. I have several more in the freezer so I'll have to put my thinking cap on to come up with some tasty recipes for him.

His presents finally arrived. I bought him two new bonsai trees. He loves bonsai and has four currently. One of them didn't fare too well over the winter and he's not sure it is going to make it. To add to his bonsai garden I gave him a  Redwood and a Chinese Elm. Sherpa is giving them a look-see here as I had brought them inside because the wind was HOWLING and it was sleeting. Yes, SLEETING. In late April. I do not think this winter is going to end.

Those were the highlights for last week on the farm. I hope next week is a good one for you!

Artterro Re-Launches for Earth Day with Fun New Packaging - Giveaway #spon

I received a kit from Artterro for my consideration. All opinions are my own.

Artterro Eco Friendly Art Kits have gone through a complete redesign just in time to celebrate Earth Day! The new kits have new packaging, bonus projects, extra materials and more. The packing materials are 100% recycled cardboard and the bead bags are biodegradable plastic. These delightful arts and crafts kits will be sure to please homeschooling parents and children alike. They are full of brightly colored pieces to keep children interested and involved.

I was sent the Bug Kit. As you can see on the front it will make 7 "creepy, crawly bugs." But they will be very cute creepy crawlers. Just look at the fun that is inside:

Everything you need to let a child's imagination go wild to make adorable little bugs. I must admit that when I opened the kit I fell in love with all of the pretty colors I found inside. The felt disks and balls are very soft and I had to be careful that the cats didn't discover them or I'm sure I would never see them again.

In addition to those disks and balls you will find so many fun dress ups for your bugs:

A bag of baubles, embroidery threads and beads. A bag of smaller wool felt bals and ovals.

Pretty trims. They are very tactile - each one has a different texture.

Full instructions for making the bugs. Plus there is enough to let imaginations fly. This will be going to my nephew and I know he is going to love it.  As you can see from the photo a few above the bits and pieces can all be easily held in the tray that comes inside the box. It's very sturdy and afterwards can be used to hold the bugs or better yet, make a little world for them to inhabit.

I just love this kit and there are so many more to explore at

You can find Artterro on Facebook and on Twitter

The Giveaway:

One lucky US reader will win the same Bug Kit I was sent. How do you win? It's easy - just hop on the Rafflecopter. Good luck everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A View from the Farm to Celebrate Earth Day

It's Earth Day and I'm off with the hubby to Missoula to help him with his environmental group. We are going to make phone calls to encourage people to attend a rally on Sunday.  We are taking the Prius. He is very happy with his hybrid. He's hardly buying any gas and that gives him joy.

I give you AbbyGoat grazing for this Earth Day.
As she wrote on Pricilla's blog today she celebrates by eating the grass and weeds and then giving back natural fertilizer. Gotta love that AbbyGoat!

Do what you can this Earth Day and beyond. It's the only Earth we have!

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