Broken Teepee: Photo Challenge Week 4 - Create Art

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Photo Challenge Week 4 - Create Art

This week's photo prompt for the ongoing photo challenge from The Studio Sublime is Create Art. The first thing that came to mind was of course, to make jewelry but then I realized that this time of year I create a very different kind of art.

I do it all year round in truth but in winter I do it more often it seems as the season just seems to call out for it.

I bake.
Who is to say there is not art in bread?

Not me.
Especially my challah bread.
It starts out as one thing and turns into something else altogether.

It is not ugly in its pre-baked state.
It glistens with its egg wash.
It smells of yeast and I used my hands to shape it for baking.

But it is the finished bread that truly is a work of art.

The house smells heavenly.
Warm, welcoming and with that certain homeyness that is just so inviting. 

My loaves are not bakery perfect in looks but they are delicious.
I have been making them for years.
I have not bought a loaf of bread for as long as I can remember.

The challah is eggy, rich and perfect to eat plain, as toast or with soup for dinner.
It is something that sustains me.
It is something I love to do.

I have created art.
It just happens to be edible.

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  1. Gorgeous! I can almost smell the challah.

  2. Yum! You've got me wanting to make bread now. I think I shall do that this week if I can. I LOVE homemade bread. There is just something about it that warms the soul.

  3. I soooo agree with you! I think anything we can create from something else is art....And the bread.....I used to bake and loved it. The smells...ahhhhh. May have to go back to it!!! Keep up the great work!

  4. Edible art is my favorite kind! Your loaves look GORGEOUS! I bake bread twice a month - just the smell makes me happy! I have never tried the challah bread - now I MUST! :)

  5. I can smell your bread - amazing! Yes, food is art and your bread looks like a masterpiece. :)

  6. YUM! one of my favorite breads and your's does look pretty enough to be in a bakery window!

  7. Ah, beautiful and delicious at the same time: of course it is an art!

    Would you share your recipe? I, too, haven't bought store-made bread in a very, very long time and your sure looks delicious :)

  8. Spectacular! Your bread has obviously been honed to perfection.

  9. Your pictures of your bread are great. They look good enough to eat.

  10. I can smell them from here!! ummmmmmmm :)) What beautiful color!

  11. Yum! I made bread too!! ;-) Isn't homemade bread just the best!! My husband won't eat store bought bread anymore and when my kids do from time to time, they always comment on how much better the homemade is. Your challah looks wonderful! Egg washing brings out such a wonderful sheen and browning.

  12. Wow I love your blog!
    I've never seen bread as art but you are right, you've created beautiful, warm art! I am drooling all over here ...Ok, I don't sound very artistic :-)

  13. never in my life have I baked bread. I can, in fact, do a wonderful job at eating it and this sure does look delicious.

  14. Coming from a person who loves bread and thinks it should be present at every meal, I do think this is art. Your homemade bread looks yummy!

  15. Oh .. wow! Your pictures are gorgeous, and your bread .. well, sometimes I wish I could just grab something through the computer monitor.

    I love to make bread also, though I don't do it as often as I would like. There is something about the process that I just love.

  16. Edible art might just be the best kind. Your photographs are so good I started drooling and I swear I can almost smell the bread!! I will dream of your bread tonight as I sleep!! :-)

  17. Yummy. Your bread looks delicious. It's making me hungry. Yes there is an art to preparing food.

  18. Oh my -- between you and Meeling, I have a serious fresh bread craving. And you are so right - your break IS art -- almost too pretty to eat but I could be convinced quite easily! Great post!

  19. Your pictures are wonderful and I can almost smell and taste the rich goodness! Oh I'm desiring home made bread! When I was young my mom always made bread and buns and I couldn't wait to get home from school and have a warm bun loaded with butter honey and peanut butter! Yum!

  20. I think the aroma of bread baking is so comforting and homey. Your pictures are incredible! You definitely created art!

  21. Patty, by your gorgeous photos that bread looks like a true work of art! Looks delicious, I want to reach into the computer screen and grab a slice!

  22. That is my favorite kind of art :).

    They look amazing!

  23. Yep! You have created art! Both the bread (which looks delicious) and your photos.


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