Broken Teepee: Photo Challenge, Week 10 - All Wrapped Up

Friday, March 08, 2013

Photo Challenge, Week 10 - All Wrapped Up

The Photo Challenge from Sally at The Studio Sublime rolls on and I can't believe it's week 10 already. I must admit that this week's prompt had me a bit stymied at first:

Are you all wrapped up in warmth or are you diving into a dessert that is all wrapped up in yummy goodness? You have a prompt that has many different meanings, grab the camera and show us how you are interpreting "all wrapped up"!

It came with the definitions of wrap in both its verb and noun formats.
Now I know my animals have me completely wrapped.
My husband wraps me in love every hour of the day.
I often wrap cakes in frosting.

I was flummoxed as to what to use until I sat down to write the post and it came to me!
It had been a very busy week for me with orders for Pricilla's soap shop. She sells favor soaps and she had taken several orders - a baby shower, a first birthday party and a wedding shower. I was wrapping up little soaps all week long!

I actually enjoy packaging the little soaps.
It gets to be a very Zen experience. I clean up each little soap by hand and it's truly mindless work. I then put the little labels on the biodegradable bags, pop in the soaps and tie on the ribbons.

I always think they look so happy in the box, ready to ship. 

Of course I ALWAYS have help.

And there must be a box inspection.
But it all comes back around to the little soaps.
I package them and they are then All Wrapped Up with care.

To be sent to their party.
Tied with fancy ribbons.

Be sure to go and check out The Studio Sublime to see how everyone else wrapped things up!

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  1. beautiful! Love that quality team. love handmade soap, a great idea for a favor

  2. So you're saying that's not caramel candy? Looks like it. Can I take a bite? Maybe it is candy? :)

  3. Beautiful packages. I adore handmade soap and their wonderful aromas. What fun.

  4. A perfect wrap up to week 10! Your (or Priscilla's...) soap looks wonderful!

  5. Your quality assurance team looks very busy inspecting all of that beautifully wrapped soap.

  6. I love handmade soaps but many times I can't use them because of the ingredients. These are lovely--so pretty in their packaging.

    Your helpers are sweet!

  7. Wonderful all wrapped up post. I love handmade soap it is always so nice and smooth. I love your crew they are so cute and I am sure they make sure everything is just so so.

  8. Fantastic team there with your quality team 'snoopervising' the production line! ha ... fun post!

  9. brilliant photos for this week's prompt - wish we could scratch and sniff, i love soap! but i love your beautiful helpers more :)

  10. Wrapped soap is so much more fun than the kind at the store, especially wrapped like yours! Love your sweet team.

  11. Hand wrapped soap certainly fits the prompt... It's lovely soap so I hope everyone appreciates it! What would we do without our helpers/inspectors!

  12. LOL: I love your QA team, adorable! I can see how the wrapping is a Zen experience - and your packages are beautiful!

  13. Yikes I thought it was candy at first too! How fun!

  14. Aren't you lucky to have help from furry friends! My husband wraps me in love every day too!

  15. Patty your soaps looks wonderful. I can almost smell them through the computer. The box inspector is cute too.

  16. That's a lot of soap. What pretty kitties.


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