Broken Teepee: Photo Challenge, Week 12: Observe the Curve

Friday, March 22, 2013

Photo Challenge, Week 12: Observe the Curve

The challenges keep coming and believe it or not we are up to the 12th week of the year. Time does fly. This week's prompt from Sally at The Studio Sublime is one that gave me a big chuckle and like last week's I knew instantly what I would use as my subject:

Observe the Curve:

We move, live and love in curves. Arms, legs and bodies curve to propel us into the life around us. Branches of trees curve to embrace the breeze.  Letters curve and form words.  Curves can keep things apart, hold things together or create a path.  This week take a moment to focus on all the different kinds of curves that surround you everyday.

It's kidding time in these parts. It seems I am always writing and photographing something about my goats but my goats are a big part of my life. And right now as I sit and wait and wait and sit for Abby and Thelma to kid they are an even bigger part of my life:
That's some curve, eh?

Every year AbbyGoat swells to the size of the barn.
Every year I SWEAR there has to be three kids in there.
Every year except for one she has presented me with a single kid.
Who knows what this year will bring?
Abby still has over a week to go until she kids.

Thelma the goat is also pregnant and is due any minute.
She does not look as big as Abby, does she?
It is her first kidding.
Her sister, Louise looked just as slim and presented me with twins.
So who knows what is hiding in there.

I just know that I will soon have little ones hopping and jumping all over the farm and that thought makes me very happy. There is nothing quite as much fun as a goat kid.

And I will say that this whole goat thing?
It's been quite a learning curve.

Be sure to head over to The Studio Sublime to see what curves all the other great photographers have to show you this week.

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  1. More, more goats! I love that you share them. It's actually a routine part of my day to pull up google images with search term "baby goats" for a certain little one in my house. Beautiful, beautiful curves.

  2. I love your goat pictures and stories. I keep telling my husband that we should get a goat - I like them! My grand daughter wants to get a pink pig! Not sure if that is a special pig or what? Pigs aren't my favorite and they do grow up and then what?

  3. Kidding time is absolutely adorable. Yes, that pregnant curve is outstanding! LOVE your post, and getting to know your fabulous friends!

  4. That picture makes them look like baby goats! However I'm sure Abby would not approve of the first picture! Hope THelma hatches soon...! Gord still says no goats. and I think they would eat my flowers not my lawn so he's probably right!

  5. Look how beautiful and shiny their coats are!!! Such sweet pics!

  6. Love the curves of AbbyGoat. Hope you post pictures of the kids.

  7. oh what a fun prospect to look forward too ... goat kids jumping around! I can remember feel like a barn just before both my girls were born ... yes quite a curve!

  8. I never get tired of hearing about your goats...keep them coming!!!

  9. Post away. I'm sure that everyone is enjoying your goat pictures! And what curves they present!

  10. Oh, I love your goats - can't wait to see the kids!

  11. Now those are some curves! Love the photo - makes me laugh. Best wishes to an easy birth... or births!

  12. Those are wonderful curves. I look forward to seeing the little kids running around.

  13. Such sweet curves and what a fun and exciting time to have goat kids running around!

  14. Goats!!! Love that curve, the best kind.

  15. LOL!! Oh, this is the best post!! I just love the 'curves' here! Don't stop w/the goat stories either, I love them and find them very fun and sweet!! Can't wait to see the pics of the new little kids!!

  16. Ah baby kid goats looking forward to seeing the photos of the babies. I would agree that is a wonderful learning curve.

  17. Don't stop your goat pictures. I just love goats and have been trying to convince the hubby for a few years that I want to get one.


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