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About Me

Me and Famous SpokesGoat Pricilla
I can be contacted at kaiminani at gmail dot com

I am a city girl turned goat farmer who loves to take that goat milk and turn it into soap - which I sell in Pricilla's store, Happy Goat Soap, and cheese which my husband and I eat. I have also been known to make ice cream and caramel.

My husband grows all the vegetables we need for the year and I process them; canning or freezing depending on the vegetable. I make spaghetti sauce and tomato soup and lots of chicken stock to keep in the pantry. I have turned into a real farm girl!

In my somewhat limited spare time I make artisan gemstone jewelry, a talent I found late in life. I love to play with color and I adore sparkle! You can find my creations at Broken Teepee Designs. It was that passion that led to the blog and then the blog evolved into what you see today. I still showcase my designs when I have new ones to share. I also share the trials and tribulations of living in a half finished yurt. My husband is building it himself and we are in the third year of what I figure will be a life-long project.

I still miss the city and my family back East but wouldn't change much. I love to read and try new products and report what I have learned to my readers.

I live with a chronic headache due to an aneurysm found in 1996. It was operated on and clipped but I was left with various health problems. I also have a progressive brain disorder called Chiari Malformation that causes me various problems. The two have left me disabled but I deal with the pain on a day to day basis. It was the impetus for an early retirement on my husband's part and our discovery of Montana and this calmer life.

I get asked about the name of the blog (and about my jewelry designs). When the hubby and I bought our lot here in paradise it had the beautiful views we were looking for and two other erm, attributes; a lot of weeds and a broken teepee. Yes, it had a teepee in pieces all over the lot. So using the advice of a friend I adopted the name Broken Teepee - it was original and unique and there was a personal story attached that made me smile.

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